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personal shopper Shopping and wardrobe composition is about having a style in mind and finding the time to build a wardrobe to express it. Once you know how you want to look, it's finding the time to make it happen. It can be a daunting task to go out and find all the right clothes that will make up your wardrobe.

With the busy lifestyles that most of my clients lead from executive working women to stay-at-home moms, it's hard to find the time. I can help bridge that gap. After we've defined your style, it's time to review your wardrobe.

I will come to your home and together we will do a thorough wardrobe edit to determine what's a keeper, what doesn't fit, what's unnecessary and out dated. We then plan a shopping strategy to fill out and complete your wardrobe not only with clothing pieces but accessories, jewelry and shoes. Then, it's time to shop!

We can shop together, or I can shop for you. All the items I choose are based on your taste, your style and your budget. I will help you build a new wardrobe, fill in the gaps or find a great look for that special event or vacation. If you've lost weight and need a new wardrobe that now reflects the new you or if you have a new job and need a business wardrobe, I can help.

Call or email Tina for your Personal Consultation.

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